July 26th, 2017

My love for jumpsuits continues from last year. I have always hoped ONE DAY someone will design a jumpsuit that prevents getting half naked for bathroom breaks. My dream is now reality. I will reveal the secret later! (Yes, keeping you hanging. : ))
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-3
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-7
Those of you follow me on Ins know I recently took a trip to China. This jumpsuit was one of my favorite purchases from that trip. In this post I create 3 looks:
Look No.1
Wear as is. In the pic below I didn’t add the belt even though it comes with this jumpsuit. In the following picture, I added the belt which softens the look.
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-6
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-14
Look No.2
In this jumpsuit, the top and bottom connects with a zipper in the front. The design is insanely creative and user-friendly. Now the look transitions to a crop top with a big flare pant set.
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-13
Look No.3
Adding a suit jacket to the jumpsuit makes this an attractive, yet professional, OL look.
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-12
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-16
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-9
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-11
6-29-17 navy blue jumpsuit-8
This jumpsuit, like most other jumpsuits, makes you look longer. The bottom of the pants are wide so I suggest you pair with sandals (ideally with heels). I think this jumpsuit will work for almost any body shape. Certainly, an hourglass body shape will be ideal but overall this is NOT a body-shape-sensitive piece of clothing.
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Photographer: Bassel Hamieh @BMH Photography 

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