FEB 21, 2017

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A dear tango friend challenged me to identify “3 essential bags”. I gladly accepted her challenge and am happy now hear your thoughts about this post.  What a great idea! Hopefully this will delight my friend and, all of you, my dear readers.
The 3 essential bags I suggest:
1. A tote bag:
As an example, this blue Ferragamo tote bag is one of my favorite totes.  Generally, I prefer single use bag but since this strap is removable so I am fine with it. After all, you get to use the bag in two different ways.  A tote serves many occasions: business meetings, conferences, everyday go-to-work bag…etc. The key for you is to watch the ratio between the tote size and your body size for good visuals.
Below are three tote bags I like at different price points. (Images are clickable.)

2. A Shoulder bag:
Here are the two shoulders bags that I love.  Since we are talking about essential bags here, I would suggest pick shoulder bags with simple designs and neutral colors.  Naturally, the neutral color makes one less outfit matching decision compared to crazy color or patterned bags.
black leather jacket with floral pant-4968
For me, a  shoulder bag suggests more femininity compared to a tote bag.   Choosing a good match for yourself is a challenge for you all today. ; )
A few shoulder bags I really like:
3. A clutch:
Below are two pics of clutches I own. To be honest, since I don’t own that many of clutches. This blog has inspired me to enrich my clutch collection.
Clutch is a must for attending formal events, girls night out, clubbing, cocktail parties…..etc.   Long dresses or cocktail dresses rules out big bags or shoulder bags.  The clutch also  keeps the focus on your dress while having a way to store your key personal items such as keys, ID, lip stick and money.

Here are the three clutches I really like. The second red bulgari one is listed as wallet. The wallet itself is such a statement plus it has metal chain, which makes it a perfect clutch.  I would totally use it to formal events. It will certainly catch a lot of eyeballs and compliments for sure!

8 comments on “3 ESSENTIAL BAGS”

  1. I love your choices of those 3 essential bags, that is all I can say!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful content! Wish I can get them all. : )

  2. Agree with the 3 essential types of bags. I have the red bvlgari one but the should bag version. And Faye is also on my next shopping list. Good taste 🙂

  3. These are definitely the MUST-HAVE bags ~! I personally love the tote&clutches most What about the new trends like double-should bag? Cant wait to see future article talking about those

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