Dec.12, 2017

This is a documentary film made by @ZEREE STUDIO. Zeree Bao is a sophomore in Portland Art Institute, majoring in Film Making.
His final project of this school term is to create a documentary film of someone in his life that he worships or respects. By decomposing this person’s daily life, he gives a behind-the-scenes look into this person’s hard work and dedication. The goal is to tell a light-hearted story to spread positive energy and form a good example for others to follow.
A couple of weeks ago he came to me and asked whether I could be the person for this project. I was certainly honored and accepted the challenge!
Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 11.23.36 AM
Here is the documentary film that I hope you will like. Feel free to share your thoughts on this project with us. Zeree and I will be thrilled to hear your feedback.

Film starring: my blog photographer: Bassel Hamieh & myself. : )
I am also excited to announce that I will be kicking off a youtube channel. You will see more of my style, house, kids, and cooking… all come alive before your eyes! Make sure to subscribe now.
I also encourage you to share your feedback with me so I am always offering high quality content that meets your expectations. Let’s talk!

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