Nov 3rd, 2018

In August, I wore this stunning Chloé dress to a friend’s wedding in California, where the weather was warm and clear. The wedding was beautiful, and I was so happy to be a part of it.

But back to this silk dress: Everyone loved it. It was just right for the occasion, but for me, this dress is also the perfect example of a summery style that transitions beautifully into fall. It reminds me of a more bohemian look—think California in the 1970s—that is polished and party-ready.

When we think of the fall season, we think of reds, purples, oranges and other colors that we see falling from the trees on the ground. We tend to translate them into our wardrobes, but that doesn’t mean we have to dress in plain blocks of those colors. The deep blues and the cheerful oranges in the print design are some of the most popular colors of the fall 2018 season. I also love the whimsical designs of the trees and leaves as well.

The length of the skirt hits at a very flattering point on my thighs, and the gorgeous ruffle on the hem makes the whole dress feel very flirty—I love twirling in it!

With this dress, you can dress it up with some pumps or strappy heels/sandals in a white, cream, rust or evergreen shades to match for a classic feel. OR you can edge it up a bit, with black, chunky ankle boots, moto or not for that street style look everyone’s been rocking.

The fall season doesn’t have to mean you wear only darker colors and heavy accessories. You can lighten things up a bit with a dress like this that gives you coverage for colder weather while also reminding you of the glorious summertime.


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