Moule white top-1-5Last post I talked about the reason why I have passion for styling. Today I want to share a little bit about my styling philosophy. 
But before that, we have to look at two concepts first: fashion & style. 

  • Fashion: a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people (by Merrian-webster definition)
  • Style: a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed(by Merrian-webster definition)

As you can see from the definition, fashion will fade when certain way of dressing is no longer popular. However, style is something you build overtime and people tend to stick with it. That is not saying someone’s style never changes. This is exactly the reason I don’t call my blog Fashion blog but instead Styling blog. : )

My general philosophy against fashion is NEVER FOLLOW FASHION! If you do,  you will always be behind or wear something that really isn’t your style! Instead, you should dress with a style that mostly fits you. Follow Style Right and hopefully I could be an inspiration one way or another in your journey of style finding!
Today I want to share my recent favorite look. I found this white pull over shirt from one of my favorite local store : Moule. It is a boutique store owned by Rachel Mara who is a world famous designer based in Canada.  It has been one of my favorite shop in portland since 10 years ago. I paired this white pull over top with gaucho black pant and used electric blue to make the whole outfit look less formal but more of a casual feel. What do you think of this look? I am curious of your feedback!
Moule white top-1-3
I added this scarf when it became breezy. It softens the look quite a it, doesn’t it!
Moule white top-1-6

Moule white top-
Moule white top-1
Moule white top-1-2
Moule white top-1-7
Moule white top-1-9
Moule white top-1-8
In below picture, left is Rachel Mara, the designer of Rachel Mara brand as well as owner of Moule store in Portland Oregon.
with rachel mara-4768

Outfit Details

One grey day pull over ,  Part two gaucho pant, Fiel wedge {Similar here } ,  Ferregarmo Blue Batik tote {Similar here }, Adornmonde earrings {Similar here }, Rani Arabella cashmere scarf { Similar Here

Photo shoot location: Portland downtown SW Park ave
Photographer: Allen Cao

11 comments on “CASUAL BLACK AND WHITE”

  1. It is a great question. Create multiple different looks with same piece of clothes you like is a very critical skill to have. I will certainly implement that idea of showing multiple looks with one piece. Thank you!

  2. Never follow the fashion but have your own styling! Black and white are my favorite styling pieces and will never fade away. I like your way of mixing a bright color purse/scarf with the classic white/black.

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