I am a full-time mom of two beautiful boys. My older boy is almost 4 and my younger one is 2 years and 4 months old. I worked for Intel Corporation for more than 12 years. My last job there was a program manager.  Working for corporation as Intel definitely trained me well in terms of being organized, detailed orientation & follow processes but still take risks!
I have many hobbies. I like photography,travel, cooking, singing songs, playing table tennis or tennis, swimming, hiking, drawing…… many more. My most serious hobby  in the last 9 years is dancing Argentine Tango.  Tango helps me find complete freedom!  It is also the only kind of dance I can visualize myself doing for the rest of my life. If you are interested in seeing me dancing tango, Click: Remanda Xiang Tango Performance Channel
Apparently, being a mom for two boys plus having all of above hobbies are not enough for me. I decided to launch this styling blog! If you are curious of reasons of why, read this blog
Fashion is never meant to be followed. If you follow, you will always be behind or wearing something that isn’t really your style! Instead, you should dress with a style that works for you. Follow Style Right with me to find right style for yourself!!
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