I am a full-time mom of two beautiful boys. My older boy is 5 and the younger one is 3.5. I worked in a Fortune 500 company for more than 10 years as a program manager which has taught me invaluable skills. One would think, just as I did, that working for a big corporation is the right thing to do. However, I always knew that doing what you love is more important. This is why I decided to start my fashion blog, Style Right – to provide people with styling and beauty tips and encourage their unique individuality. It is my true passion.
Due to my 20+ years of latin dancing, Argentine Tango(Check out my tango performance video here), and being a photographer, I had the privilege of meeting and learning from numerous creatives in many different kinds of industries. This led to collaborations with many great innovators and artists, and eventually birthed my amazing team. I am happy to say, that I uphold the best quality content for my followers, as I tirelessly invest in professional services, to work with and create my day to day posts.
Fashion is never meant to be followed. If you follow trends, you will always be following someone else’s style. Style Right is here to give you inspiration and guidelines for finding your own style. 
To read more about why I am so passionate about fashion and style, read this blog post!