Jan 25th, 2018

A few days ago, I realized my pant size dropped from 28 to 27.  This was NEWS to me! I have worn jean size 28 girl my entire adult life.  The surprise is because I didn’t consciously work on losing weight or downsizing. That led me to write a post about workout routines and melissa mc-carthy weight loss plans.
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I have been an active person since I was a young.  I like to run around and play table tennis with my brother with a piece of board and a broom over two bricks as a net.  I played volleyball most days in high school and joined college volleyball team as backup setter in college. I also started playing tennis at that time.
Gym workouts came into the picture after I started my first job.  In fact, that was one of the reasons my husband was attracted to me (as he said I am the only Chinese girl he met that works out 🙂 ).
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After I moved to the US years ago, I started 2 times/wk yoga practice on top of dancing salsa 2 times/wk. That really helped me keep my body in shape.  However, both salsa and yoga are currently out of my exercise routine.
Here is my current workout routine from

  1. Lagree” workout 2 times/week.
  2. Orange Theory” workout 1 or 2 times/week.
  3. Dance Argentine Tango 1 or 2 times/week.

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When I go work out, I usually like to have my hair in a bun or ponytail. For clothes, I like to wear comfortable, breathable, yet well-designed active wears. Like today, I wore a cropped Ambercrobie & Fitch hoodie with a Nike Sport Bra inside and matching shorts. This New Balance WL220BG running shoe is amazing and perfect for everyday wear and running.  Here is the list of my favorite exercise outfit brands:

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    • That is exactly my hope that everything I share here could become a drive for others to achieve styling or healthy life style goals!

  1. I love the New Balance shoes. Are you seeing good results from the Lagree workout? Would you ever increase to 3x per week?

    • Yes lagree is a great core workout . Also it is very good for joint health. I see amazing results from it. I do plan to increase it to three times a wk but I struggle with time . : )

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