Sep 21st, 2016

Today’s guest is Victoria whose fashion taste centers on casual, low-key and comfortable clothes for daily routines and glamorous dress-up only for special occasions.  As a designer for Studio Define, Victoria’s go-getter attitude requires her to be frequently out and about.  Wearing something comfortable is something very important !
The picture below shows a typical daily casual look.   Let us call this “before look”.
The goal of the styling session is to help her find more other styles of clothing that will suit her g0-getter lifestyle and comfort. With that in mind, I came up with below two looks:
The first look combines a white jacket like top and a light blue semi casual high waist short.   The top special material holds shape well while the belt and sleeve ties soften the top.   I paired with blue sandals for her to add a bit of subtle color for the overall look. Victoria was excited to try this new look based on my pre-layout picture before she put on the  outfit. : ) )
In the second look, an airy sleeveless top pairs with silk shorts.  The beige in the top matches the short color.  The super comfy Lanvin leather sneakers further accentuate the beige and black theme.  Some of you may recall the bag from my  “PINK VEST” post. The whole look gives her the freedom for her design business and work tirelessly with clients.  At the same time, the outfit gives her the opportunity to highlight her long legs and skin tone.  A good option for high head turn rate (business and personal), don’t you think?
Photo shoot location: sw portland
Photographer: ME :>

4 comments on “ENRICHING LOOKS”

  1. Thanks for the chance to try these styles that I have never wore before. Really like them and it was fun!

    • It was super fun for me too, thank you for being so easy to work with and open to my suggestions!! Change often time is scary but you are off to a good start by embracing them!! Love ya!!

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