Oct 19th, 2016


I am a big fan of trench coats, partly because they are very giving for various body types. A trench coat is a necessary component of your wardrobe for Fall and extends its usage further for rainy winter weather locations like the west coast in the US.
The one pictured in today’s post was purchased almost 4 years and has been absolutely my all time favorite. I especially like the contrast between black double breast buttons and the mustard color.  Wearing it open with the belt loosely tied in the back, or completely buttoned up can be flattering and cool-looking.   Plus, trench coat durability makes the investment worthwhile since they can last many years.

Today, I paired the coat with a metallic pattern dress. As you can see the dress has lighter color theme of the trench coat.  Black boots help to emphasize the dress, coat buttons and accessories.   This leads to today’s styling tip:

  • No.5 styling tip: choose a pairing that is in the same color theme as the piece you are trying to create look for. You can go either lighter or darker depending on the look effect you want. This kind of pairing technique apparently is very safe and trendy these days.  For example, in today’s look, my trench coat is very bright mustard color, this dress is contains intermixed neutral light bronze to help integrate the pairing.


This dress was purchased in Portland boutique store : Physical Element, another  one of my favorite Portland boutique store. If you have never been there, you really should go check it out. They have some really cool and creatively designed clothes in there.

On Nov. 5th 2016, I am organizing a big event “Style Right in Trench Coat” in Portland Moule store, click here to learn all event details and come to learn more tips about creating versatile trench coat looks.


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Burberry Trench Coat {Similar Here} ,  Sun Light French brand dress,  Jimmy Choo Justine Bag,  JC collection black boots {Similar Here} , Regine Schwarzer designer earring, Boet Silk Tassel Necklace 
 t32112120jimmy20choo20black20leather20justine20slide20bar20large20satchel20black silktassel

Photo shoot location: Crystal Hotel
Photographer: Andrew Mesa @AMP Photography 


  1. What a perfect choice of dress!! The overall feel of the dress matches with the trench coat so perfectly!! I also love the earring, so architectural feel which also matches with the modern edge feel of the whole outfit. Indeed a great look!!

  2. What an unusual color of trench coat!! Glad you chose a dress that tone down the color a bit and make dress and trench coat in harmony! Love it!

  3. Awesome look! Love the special color of your trench coat and it is a perfect fit for the season. A great match of the materials of the dress and the coat as well. Wonderful details on the boots. Probably could try a smaller purse next time.

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