Oct 19th, 2017

Last weekend was a great and crazy weekend! Not only did I attend all 4 nights of the Portland FashioNXT fashion show; but, also danced 4 nights of tango.   I have attended FashioNXT for 5 years, this year being the first time I have been directly involved in this wonderful event:

  1. One of the 3 judges for the FashioNXT Fashion Accessories Competition
  2. Partnered local blogger to report the whole event for my lovely viewers.

I would like to take a moment to give a HUGE thanks to my amazing photography and videography team.  I think my dear readers will agree they beautifully captured the  collections and moments.

Evening Highlights

The Walking Bike

Before the show started, two people with a mobility impairment rode a walking bike on the stage to showcase the Alinker bike.  The bike presents a collaboration between Daimler (One of the sponsors of FashioNXT) & Alinker.  Tito, the event producer, asked the boy how his evening was going. His reply was, “It is the best day of my life”.
2017 FashioNXT night 1-8265

Feetz – 3D Printing Technology

The booth in the picture below got my attention because the machine on the left makes 3D printed shoes!  This is the first time I saw 3D printed shoes being printed in real time. I got to meet and talk to Feetz founder, Lucy, who shared a story of how she’s always been able to find the perfect combination of coffee, but has had trouble finding the perfect pair of shoes.   This was the start of Feetz, when Lucy decided to launch her business so that she can finally have her perfect pair.  She also planted an idea in my mind about launching my own brand of 3D printed bag or something, which I am actually quite interested. 😉
2017 FashioNXT--4

Designer Highlight: Oscar Dominick

That night 7 designers were featured. My favorite collection, by emerging designer Oscar Dominick, was also voted as winner of “People’s choice UpNXT.”
2017 FashioNXT-6358

Collection inspiration:
Dominick shared with me his inspiration for this collection:
  • Inspired by a strong and confident man/woman. This woman stays close to the beach. She loves her social groups and meets a guy from the city.  She is obsessed with his cool mysterious side.  He’s edgy, and loves wearing leather.  He likes her crazy affluent lifestyle. They start to hang out and adopt each others style. She becomes a little more edgy and he a little more high end.  The collection evolves from casual to clean, sophisticated looks.

2017 FashioNXT-5840

My Favorite Looks

2017 FashioNXT-5889

2017 FashioNXT-5754
2017 FashioNXT-6277

My Look

I wore classic black for the first night with newly acquired Malone Souliers pumps and paired it with a satin vintage RODO Italian clutch.
2017 FashioNXT-6346

My Favorite Moments

I was happy that my friend Angela joined.  Interestingly enough, she dressed with a similar feeling classic black dress!
2017 FashioNXT--5
2017 FashioNXT-5629
I also had fun trying rain slickers at one of the exhibits.  What a fun idea to protect clothing with a see-through waterproof slicker.
2017 FashioNXT-5477

Shop my look
Dress: Blackhalo ROCCO SHEATH dress
(You can also get it from local boutique store: Sabina’s Style)
Shoe: Malone Souliers Maureen Black Satin and Metallic Nappa Leather High Heel Mules
Clutch: Rodo black satin clutch (Similar here)

Snip20171022_9 Snip20171022_10 Snip20171022_11


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