Aug 15th, 2017

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  I have some exciting news to share:

  • First, you can now save images to Pinterest!  I know many like to organize favorite images or inspirations on Pinterest.  I am happy you can now do that from my blog as well!
  • Second, I upgraded my web hosting plan that adds more features.  For example, you can view a video on the right hand side of menu section. The video you are seeing now is a recent promotion video I blogged before; but, you will see my latest Vlog at that link moving forward. (Hint! hint!)  There are more changes on the way……

7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7163
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7239

Those of you who follow fashion may have seen the popularity of fruit t-shirts or accessories this summer.  I generally avoid IN unless they really fit my style.   I loved this Zadic & Voltaire strawberry t-shirt instantly.  I enjoy the super soft material and strawberry color pop.   I also like the contract with dip-dyed mint color.  The rounded hemline makes it more flattering than a straight line hemline.
It was easy to create a look with this t-shirt. I simply used white skinny jeans and a pair of Merrell white sneakers. For bag, I chose this Barcelona brand — Vialis stone color crossbody bag, which makes the look more pulled-together.   For a casual stroll, I like having my hands-free for activities such as having an ice-cream!
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7244
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7286
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7340
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7297
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7331
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7333
7-17 strawberry tshirt white jean-7354
This outfit instantly gave me a fun and up-lifting look, bringing out my playful younger self.   I was comfy and happy in this outfit the whole day!   Will you agree an outfit can contribute to a positive mental space and overall energy level?   I am curious of your thoughts……
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Photographer: Bassel Hamieh @BMH Photography 

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