Sep 16th, 2016

If you can choose only one thing for the entire summer to wear, what would be that one thing for you?
This pretty black and white floral trouser jumpsuit takes comfort to a whole new level! If I could spend the entire of summer wearing just the one thing, this would be “THE THING”.  In addition to great fabric choice, comfort and great fit,  I love that this jumpsuit is hard to wrinkle.   I can sit, slouch or even twist myself into a pretzel without being afraid of those pesky little wrinkles.

The amazing Portland weather will soon turn to fall.    I took the opportunity to go for a walk along our south waterfront greenway to enjoy the one of the last summer breezes.    If you are lucky, you will see ducks playing in the river; or you can skip rocks like I did. : )
This jumpsuit can be paired with many different colors shoes.  In my look today, I use red wedge shoe for a black, white & red classic look.   The model in Sandro website paired with mustard yellow boots which looks very nice too. You could also choose black high heels.   A bright color jacket over it will create a different look. This jumpsuit indeed is a versatile piece, and absolute a recent favorite!

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Sandro Paradise Trouser Jumpsuit, Soulway(China brand) leather bag (Similiar Here),  Camper to & ether wedge {Similar Here} , Su (China Silver Designer Brand) Jasmine earring,  Su wood cuff {Similiar Here}
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Photo shoot location: SW Riverfront Greenway Park
Photographer: Andrew Mesa @AMP Photography 

7 comments on “JUMPSUIT IS THE THING”

  1. Jumpsuit is such a smart choice. With the unbroken line, it gives a simple but confident look. It also features the body shape, which can be very sexy. Either for formal or for casual, it goes well with the occasions and has many potential to show different vibes with accessories and styles.

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  2. Got lead here from the newest post Can’t believe that I missed this one! Cause I LOVE jumpsuit! So easy to match with other outfits and bring out totally different feelings~!

    • My biggest fan missed my post, how am I supposed to interpret that?! LoL, glad you liked the jumpsuit post! What do you think of the new post? Did you comment?

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