Sep 30th, 2016

When I see someone wearing gorgeous lace clothing, I think “WOW, she is so elegant!”   However, the subtle doubt creeps in: “I never look nice in lace”.  Lace has always a dream for me and today can be for you!
NEVER SAY NEVER!  Today I feature Sandro Paris’s Lace set: a cropped lace top and matching lace pencil skirt with a slit on the side.  I fell in love with it at first sight and trying it on further confirmed it was a perfect style and cut for me!

While preparing for this blog , I found this tidbit about a woman dreaming of lace: “If a woman dreams of lace, she will be happy in the realization of her most ambitious desires, and lovers will bow to her edict. No questioning or imperiousness on their part.”
I paired the outfit with silver jewelry whose patterns/curls mimic the lace fabric. For the shoes, I was going to tone it down; but, after trying the ENZO ANGIOLINI gold toned pumps, I liked how the shoe fabric reflects the pattern of lace set!  The purse adds to shoe gold tone and brings sparkle to the look.
This outfit works well for a regular body type like mine, or someone with a long torso. The cropped top makes upper body looks shorter.  The skirt can be worn higher on the waist so visually your upper body appears shorter for a more balanced ratio.  This outfit also works better for someone has more round than flat butt.
This brings us to a new style tips.  Rule No.3:
(You can find Rule No.1 in WHEN NAVY MEETS WHITE post, Rule No.2 in PLEATED SKIRT AND BLACK TOP)

NEVER SAY NEVER.  Break your fixed rules:  you can’t wear floral shirt, or lace (like I did), or red is never your color… always keep an open mind, and you may be surprised!


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Sandro Jonas Skirt, Sandro Exil Top,  Enzo ANGIOLINI open toe pumps {Similar Here} , metallic clutch {Similar Here},  Silver earring {Similar Here}, Silver diamond bracelet (Similar Here},  Express sunglasses (Similar Here

Photo shoot location: Missionary Cafe
Photographer: Andrew Mesa @AMP Photography 

7 comments on “LACE, EVERY WOMAN'S DREAM”

  1. 非常漂亮!蕾丝是女人的最佳伴侣,但大部分人只能穿一些有蕾丝点缀的衣服,像这样大面积乃至全身的蕾丝,对大品牌的设计功力以及穿着者的气质要求,都是考验!还有,蕾丝和珍珠是好朋友,如果饰品上有一些珍珠点缀,这套衣服呈现的效果会不会是另外一种感觉?

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! Yes lace and pearl are a great pair as well, I will definitely try to create another look with Peal being the main accessories!!

  2. Love your advice, “keep an open mind” trying to do that right now, while I’m building my wardrobe!

    • Yes, sometimes it could hard because we all get so comfortable with what we like and what we usually wear. To me, this is something that takes conscious mind training to make a change. : ) But once you do, you open the door to another world! ; )

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