FEB 14, 2017

italian-silk-maxi-dress-over-black-sweater-2297I don’t know about you, but I have been getting a bit bored with my typical winter look–A cute, comfy sweater over jeans or miniskirt with a coat, or a sweater dress with over-the-knee boots with coat. Those were my typical winter looks and I was dying for a change.
In preparation for meeting a friend downtown at Kimpton Vintage Hotel, I spotted this silk maxi dress.  Some may recall from my 10-year anniversary celebration party (as seen in the below picture).  With spring is approaching, adding a bit of “flowy-ness” to welcome spring seemed appropriate to get out of the winter funk!  Thus, an experiment with silk maxi dress over a black  sweater with grey wool capri pant.
img_5858My followers might recall that using the same piece of clothing to create multiple looks is one of my key styling principles — “rearrange” in the header of my website. 
This maxi dress is very long. To prevent stepping on my dress, I paired it with black over-the-knee high heel boots . The black color also helps to keep focus on the dress rather than the shoes.  This dress works well for apple-shaped body type, as well,  since it is very forgiving from the torso down. However, if you are a super-big cup size lady, it may make your breasts look even bigger.  I stay warm inside by layering and and cover with a long coat outside.  The bottom of the dress shows a bit with the long coat, which is another reason I love this combination!!
For my purse, I paired the outfit with this Petrazia Pepe handbag. The color of the purse matches with the print of the dress. The metal chain contrasts with the softness of the silk. Match and contrast in one look, the recipe to a wonderful look. There is the No.5 styling tip I like to share!

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Italian Brand TTT silk maxi dress {Similar here & here}, Black turtle neck cashmere sweater {Similar here}, Australia Brand SOL SANA suede over-the-knee boots, Patrazia Pepe purse (Purchased 10 years ago, also like this), Adornmonde earrings {Similar here }
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5 comments on “SILK DRESS LAYERING”

  1. Very creative and pretty look, i love it! From the jewelry, nails to the purse, all the details reflect your wonderful taste and inspire me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. what a creative idea!!! I am going to try this idea myself!! Thank for continuously being a wonderful inspiration of women styling!!

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