Nov 30th, 2016

I promise this is the last trench coat look for the season. : ) Guess by now, you all know how much I love trench coat!
It was such a gorgeous sunny day when Andrew and I went out for this photo shoot. We wanted to capture some of the beautiful autumn leaves. We decided to shoot near NW Thurman St after strolling around nob hill area. First we stopped at a very interesting smoothie food stand. I worked hard to get my breakfast smoothie as you can see from the first picture. What a great invention to blend your smoothie as you paddle!!! You won’t feel as guilty drinking that big cup of smoothie afterward!! : )
I intentionally picked this beige-black floral print top to wear underneath the beige Weekend MaxMara trench coat. One it has leave prints which matches with the autumn leaves , two it contains the same beige color as my trench coat and the black color matches with my black Michael Kor jean. The Michael Kor jean wasn’t selected just because it is black, it has two zippers on the front pockets plus additional zipper on the bottom of the jean. I love how those zippers reflects all the zippers in the trench coat to keep the style consistent.

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Sport MaxMara Trench Coat {Also like this one}, Inwear Pam Blouse, Michael Kor Rocker Zip Jean,  Hermes  So Kelly Gold Shoulder Bag, ADORNMONDE Crystal Ear Jackets Set, Tod’s high top suede sneaker {Similar Here},  Halogen Floppy Wool Hat, Antique ring from China
snip20161201_1 michael-kors-black-rocker-zip-jeans-product-2-260008507-normal 1125652_l snip20161201_2 13163707snip20161202_1
Photo shoot location: NW Thurman ST
Photographer: Andrew Mesa @AMP Photography 

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