Sep 11st, 2018

Attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for the first time was a dream come true! But with every dream, comes fears, obstacles, and above all, doubts; You’re throwing yourself into a new journey to learn about the latest trends and fashions, while trying to prove yourself and worthiness to be there, amongst the best of the best. What you wear is who you are and is the visual language in which you want the world to speak about and remember you by. We will talk about what I wore to this show in another post; but for now, let’s focus on The MKKM Experience show, which was truly special.

Getting to the show was a disaster. After my Uber dropped me off twelve minutes away from the show location and realizing that ten minutes later, I had to think of a plan to make it to the show on time. I opened up my Google maps and began running through Manhattan in my 5 inch heels, all while bearing through the rainy September weather.

When I made it to the show, I couldn’t believe that I made it on time. The “MK” in “MKKM” are the initials for Mychael Knight, who was a contestant on Project Runway 3 and appeared on Project Runway Allstars 3. However, the fashion world lost him, “Fashion King” On October 17, 2017. The “KM” are the initials for Korto Momolu, Mychael’s best friend, Project Runway Allstar finalist. Last fashion season (SS18), Mychael and Korto debut “The MKKM experience” during NYFW.

This season (SS19) Korto Momolu has curated a collection of Project Runway Allstars, that includes some of Mychael’s favorite designers from the Project Runway series to pay tribute to the “Fashion King” on this year’s NYFW, the biggest fashion stage.

  • Christopher Palu: Project Runway Allstars (Season 3) and Project Runway (Season 10)
  • Kimberly Goldson: Project Runway Allstars (Season 6) and Project Runway (Season 9)
  • Edmond Newton: Project Runway Allstars (Season 6) and Project Runway (Season 14)

My favorite designer of the night was Christopher Palu. Below are the outfits I loved from the collection he showed. One little interesting observation is when the first model walked out. It reminded me a PINKO dress I featured on my post – Vintage Jersey Dress in New York.

I love the simplicity of these outfits. The multiple materials used in the collection contrasts and enhanced the outfits a big time. Most of his collections showcases women’s body very well. The usage of lace and sparkle beads added the perfect amount of sexiness and shininess which makes them perfect night outing outfits.

The below picture is of designer Christopher Palu.

Here are a few outfits I liked of designer Kimberly Goldson’s collection.

The below picture is of designer Kimberly Goldson.

So yes, going to NYFW is fun and exciting, but it also can be much deeper and meaningful; where I and many other bloggers, designers, and influencers voice our opinions and express what we feel about each other, current events, politics, civil rights, and much more, through the ever changing art of fashion. In this case, fashion blessed and honored our dear friend and incredible designer Mychael Knight. This was a really touching first NYFW show and I am so happy I was able to show you the beauty and honor that I had the privilege of experiencing this last week.


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    • Same here! I could see myself in all of Chrisopher’s collections as well!! Sometimes runway pieces could be a bit too much for everyday life which I hate, but in this case I really think he balanced it very well between interesting enough for runway show but also keep them practical for everyday life.

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