Jul 9th, 2019

Cami dresses have always been something I love. Not only because they make me feel sexy, but they are also very transferable between looks simply by layering jackets over them. This kind of layering works very well in a place where weather changes from time to time such as what is going on right now in Portland.

The designer of this dress is someone I didn’t know before. Her name is Nili Lotan. She is a renown Israeli-born and New York-based ready-to-wear fashion designer. I checked out her website after I got this dress and I realized she has many pieces that are up my alley. If you don’t know about her, you really should check out her work.

As I was enjoying my day in this outfit, I realized something interesting: A lot of times people associate sexiness with short skirts or very tight-fitted dresses that show off the body. However, sometimes a simple loose-fitted cami dress could provoke the ultimate sexiness.

I paired my newly acquired Gu De bag with this outfit. I realized over time that layering different yet complimentary textures could really enhance a look. Indeed, the croc-effect leather really adds texture to this outfit. I also love the bag’s chunky chain strap which is unbelievably light. This is really great because, often times, trendy metal chain handbags, which many own (including me), make shoulders sore due to their heavy weight. The light-weight chain of this bag is a big plus and one of the main reasons why I can’t resist it.


Dress | Nili Lotan cami dress (also like this)
Jacket | Crop jean jacket (also like this & this fun Cartoon printed back denim jacket)
Shoes |  Cream pumps (also like this & this)
Accessories | Gu De leather 3 ways bag


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