Mar 17th, 2017

Megan is a chiropractor and loves the work she does. She practices and owns Center for Chiropractic & Pain Rehabilitation in NE Portland. On the side, she runs a wine business that exports Oregon and Washington wines abroad. Megan’s overall dressing style is pretty casual and functional and enjoys dressing up for special occasions.
Megan is a very good friend of mine, in fact, she and I were born exact same day, same month & same year. How coincidental is that, right!? We see each other often so I have a very good understanding of her dressing style and knew exactly what to do to enhance her look.
My goal of this styling session is to influence her style more away from NW functional to more of a Portland chic. Since her profession requires her to be able to move freely and perform adjustments on patients, I picked a stretchy shirt to go with this linen jacket, which was featured in my post: LINEN JACKET AND JEAN before. (Check it out so you can see how a same jacket can look so differently depending on how you pair it.) When she is seeing patients, she can leave the buttons open so she can conduct adjustment without any issue while still maintaining the professional and chic look.
I could pair a pointy high heel shoe with this outfit, but I think that would be reaching Megan’s limit and it is also not practical for her to be on high heels all day long while she works. But if you are an office lady, and really going for a strong presence/character look, a black pointy high heel shoe will work perfectly.
This second look I created for her was more aimed to a softer feminine look. The dusk pink cashmere sweater, (which I also featured on my post: SCARF YOUR AUTUMN LOOK.), paired with a pearl necklace, beige burberry coat,  pink frame sunglasses, were all very feminine choices of items. I intentionally picked this boot for her to add a bit of contrast to the look while still meeting Megan’s overall dressing requirement of always need to be practical and comfortable.
At first, I was a bit worried to style Megan because sometimes she can be “hard-headed” : ), but in the end, this is what Megan shared :
“I was happy/excited to see how Remanda might transform my look. Remanda was very fun to work with and was successful in putting together looks that are different from what I’d typically wear and she added that “wow” effect for me!! ”

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