May 29th, 2018

One very important trait we possess in our society is hierarchy. Hierarchy creates competition which in turn drives creativity. This is why I, as a fashion blogger, try to attend as many emerging designer fashion shows and competitions as I can. I want to support our youth and future generations in order to keep our fashion industry lush, alive, competitive, and ever evolving. When I got my invitation to come to the Angelman Syndrome Collections Presentation NYC, I was thrilled to once again be a part of the cultivation of our world’s young and genius emerging designers.

Here are a few collections from the show that I want to share with you guys.

Below collection is called Forever Tiara, Gazal Sethi is the designer of Forever Tiara. She was the only designer that I managed to talk to during the event. Forever Tiara is the personification of contemporary evening wear that fit a modern-day woman. When I asked her about where she drew her inspiration from, she said “I get my inspiration from culture. Each piece has an ethnic traditional feel to it so I try to stay constant with that in adding a little bit of a modern western feel to it.” I am sure you would agree with me that her work definitely reflected that. I was impressed by the bold color choices and combinations on top of the design, as well as the versatility of this whole collection.

Below collection is by Sabina Lisievici.

Below collection is by Chanette Laing.

Kyle Denman, the designer of below outfit named “She spilled her champagne,” won “FDC Younger Designer Award” at the event. This young designer had an amazing showcase of what seemed to be wearable art. His inspiration was an overflowing glass of champagne. The garment was absolutely beautiful and breath-taking with a taste of humor. He is definitely a rising star designer to watch!

As I left the event, my heart felt full and hopeful. I have no doubt that these designers will make their way up the hierarchy of design world. Let’s all wish them the best and looking forward to seeing more amazing collections in the near future.

Lastly, I want to thank Joanna Marcella and team for inviting me to cover this event.


  1. Wow, that champagne spilling dress is stunning! Glad to be shared with your experiences at NYC fashion show:)

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