Oct 15th, 2018

Aside from focusing on continuously improving my blog and attending fashion shows, I like to meet new people in the industry whenever the opportunity arises. Learning how other people get good at what they do and how they find inspiration helps me to find direction and inspiration to continue my own journey.

During NYFW, I managed to attend a fashion Mingling network event in-between runway shows. The event was organized by Fashion Mingle, with an intention to build a nationwide network for fashion professionals.

The event was held at the Row hotel in downtown Manhattan. When my photographer and I arrived, I was immediately amazed by the magnitude of the event as well as the high energy from all the attendees. You could tell right away that everyone was really excited to meet new people, make connections, and be surprised with whatever opportunities this would bring.

My most memorable conversation was with Marina Micanovic, a fashion designer from Serbia but now lives in New York. (She is the one in white blazer in above picture) I liked her outfit a lot which was why I was initially drawn to her and eventually led to a twenty minutes long conversation. She showed me her latest collection and discussed potential collaboration opportunity. The beauty of networking, isn’t it?! Later, I also found out that she is a Tango dancer as well! What a small world!

Thank you Fashion Mingle for organizing such an amazing event! It allowed people like me to take a break from running between shows and also had the designated time and place to socialize and build connections with like-minded people that are in the same industry. I will be back again next year for sure!

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