June 20, 2016

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black leather jacket with floral pant-4772.jpg
Any of you noticed those words in the banner of my website : Reuse, Revive, Reconstruct, Rearrange, Recycle?  I don’t think I  have ever explained why they were chosen or matters to my styling blog. 
Those are the words chosen to reflect my overall styling philosophy:

  • Reuse: Sometimes we need buy certain thing just to match with one particular outfit.  We forget about it after this outfit. Learn to build this habit of reusing things you obtained for one single purpose.
  • Revive: Don’t any of you have this experience : you remembered  an outfit from a movie or a book from way back. It sticked around in your head for a long time because you liked it so much. The idea of revive is to able to revoke something from the past. Present a past style you like by adding your personal touch to it.




June 16, 2016

Portland weather has been having some dramatic changes over the last couple of weeks. It was over 90 the wk before and this wk is down to 50-60’s. I had to take out couple pieces of clothes I had put away including this grey jacket. (more…)



June 9, 2016

pink acne studio vest-1
I visited Portland Art Museum about a wk ago.  I wore my new prescription glasses in order to see arts well. I often feel like a sponge (ready to observe and get educated) when I either go to museums or universities. For that reason, I tend to dress more casual, more of a “Studious type” but not boring look when I go to those places.
pink acne studio vest-1-2
Pink is usually not my cup of tea. When I saw this pink vest at “Frances May” local store , I fell in love as soon as I tried it on! The style of this vest matches with my style. Even pink isn’t really my thing but I decided to give it try. Besides, wearing pink in spring time is like having a date with your favorite person! I would have worn a sleeveless white shirt underneath but I went with longer sleeve because it was a bit chilly.  (more…)



Moule white top-1-5Last post I talked about the reason why I have passion for styling. Today I want to share a little bit about my styling philosophy. 
But before that, we have to look at two concepts first: fashion & style. 

  • Fashion: a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people (by Merrian-webster definition)
  • Style: a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed(by Merrian-webster definition)

As you can see from the definition, fashion will fade when certain way of dressing is no longer popular. However, style is something you build overtime and people tend to stick with it. That is not saying someone’s style never changes. This is exactly the reason I don’t call my blog Fashion blog but instead Styling blog. : )


Hello everyone! Welcome to Style Right! Before I share today’s look, let me tell you a little bit about myself and also why I feel so passionate about fashion.

I grew up in a small town in China. My father was a well-respected business man. My mother not only had to take care of my sister, brother and me, but also worked full time in my father’s factory. As a result, she kept my hair short to save herself time until I went to high school. She also didn’t have much time to shop or knit clothes for me, 95% of my wardrobes were handed down from my sister and brother.
With boyish short hair plus handed-down clothes, most of my father’s friends were concerned no man on earth was going to marry me ever.  Neither their concern nor my boyish look bothered me at the time,   and I still liked to dress up: putting scarfs on my head to be my pretended long hair, wearing my mother or sister’s jewelries or secretly trying my mom’s lipsticks……
My sister with psychology study background told me why I like to buy clothes, always dress myself pretty has everything to do with my childhood experience. Psychologically I am trying to make up for what I didn’t have in my childhood. So THAT is the origin of my passion for fashion!
Many years went by, now I ended up living in Portland, Oregon, United States with my own family.  I have two beautiful boys,  one is almost 4, the other  is a bit over 2. Before I quit my job at Intel 3 years ago, I was a program manager there. Ever since then, I have been a full time mom. I remember I received countless compliments at work for how great I looked everyday. Often time they would thought I specially dress up for coming to work. 🙂 Nowadays I still get compliments all the time from my dance friends when I am out dancing , by strangers while I strolling around on the street, or by school teachers or parents when I go pick up my kids…… All of those compliments have planted a seed in my heart that I should be in fashion industry sharing my passion , looks and tips to become others’ inspiration!
kids upside down we being funny-resized-20
Now you have known why I start this blog. Without further due, let me share today’s look: wearing a simple dress but with interesting details is always something I like and strive. I love those grommets of different shapes on the bottom of the dress, which brings a bit of industrial feel to this dress. Paring it with pearl earring and necklaces is my attempt to soften the industrial feel.
navy dress full length