May 8th, 2018

When I was 16 years old, Polka dots were everything! My mom would wear polka dots every other day and my dad wore polka doted ties to every major occasion. I was sick of them! I never wanted to see them ever again. Even when my aunt bought me a very expensive polka dot dress for my birthday, I told her to return it and get me something else. It wasn’t until I turned 25, when polka dolts came back in style, and I finally realized the elegance of the pattern.

At the time, I had a boyfriend whom I was very serious about. I tried everything I could to look pretty for him. On our 2 year anniversary date night, I wore a polka dot dress which looked very similar to the black Milly Dress that I am wearing in this post. It accentuated my curves, yet gave a touch a of elegance and class with its flared bottom and high neckline. The moment he saw me in it, he told me that I would be his future wife. Ever since that day, I became obsessed with Polka Dots.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last much after that due to moral differences and the infamous Polka Dots had once again, gone out of fashion. It was a pretty depressing period in my life, as I had lost two things I loved. My boyfriend and Polka Dots.

Fast forward 10 more years; I am 37; Polka Dots have once again, gone in style! I feel so happy now and took the first opportunity to buy another Polka Dot dress to add to my collection. To complement it, I decided to wear my Gucci Shoes which I bought on my trip back from London, and my Chinese designer clutch.

After putting the outfit together and taking a glance in the mirror, I couldn’t help but think of all of the memories I have had of Polka Dots before heading out for a solo date at Caffe Umbria. If it was my hate or love for it, Polka Dotted Clothing had greatly influenced my fashion choices throughout the years.

It is amazing how a pattern and its timeless beauty can accompany you through the worst and most beautiful times in life. Looking at myself in Polka Dots at 37 years old, I feel beautiful and elegant. I see my 16 year old self, my 25 year old self, and myself now, an accomplished woman who is rocking her own world, one polka dot dress at a time.

Photo by: Roberto Lasso Dela @abitterorange

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