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Apr 27th, 2017

Spring time in Portland could be tricky but also kind of fun in terms of what to wear because of weather variances from day to day. On the street, you will see people wearing a t-shirt, a jacket or sweater, and even a winter coat. The upside of that is you can choose from your entire closet to create outfits.
People often put black color clothes away when it comes to spring. For me, wearing black in spring is perfectly fine as long as you find ways to light it up or add colors. In my outfit today, I used a colorful scarf to add vibrance to the overall look.
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8082
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8139
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8141
Aside from the comfort of this wool and cashmere blend sweater dress, the details of the double tie at the waistline (could be tied in front or back) and the slits at the hem are what really got me! You know how much I care for details! I paired the dress with a pointy black pump to sharpen the look. For a bag, I used a red wallet/clutch to achieve elegance with simplicity. I think any big bags would crowd the look.
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8190
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8161
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8223
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8167
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8118
Black sandro sweater dress with scarf-8236
McMenamins Edgefield in spring is alive. Lots of people come here to get away from the city. We felt the excitement in the air as soon as we got there. We walked around the outside and got ourselves a cup of coffee. A deep inhale of fresh spring air just made everything better!!
I am curious where do you go in spring time?  Please do share in a comment……
Thank you rockpaperscissorY for partnering with me to provide custom-made earrings!

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Dress: Sandro black sweater dress
Scarf: Sandro ABI silk scarf {Also like this & this}
Shoe: Chanel singback pump {pink & beige here}
Wallet/Clutch: Bvlgari serpenti forever wallet {Only black & Green avai now}
Earrings: Custom made by rockpaperscissorY

sandro_r1413h-20_v_1  Snip20170426_18 pg-nwjackpot-jj169a0-pz Snip20170426_19

Photography: BMH Multimedia

2 comments on “BLACK FOR SPRING? YES!”

  1. Like all the details of this look and the color match, but feel a bit different for its ambience. The bronze from the scarf and earrings reminds me more of a golden fall rather than spring freshness. It’s all about each individual definition for the season though. I personally would like to see more pinky on you in spring. Still remember you have a very soft pinky dress? Also looking forward to seeing you wear this outfit in fall:)

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! To me, I personally don’t associate colors or style with any particular season. As long as you style it right, anything could look fantastic. Always think pink is not my thing, but I tried a few pink sweaters in the winter, it actually looks pretty nice too. Thinking of creating another look with the pink acne studio vest soon. Thanks for the suggestion!! It is great to know what my readers are expecting!

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