FEB 27th, 2018

Hello everybody! I am back from my quick trip to London for the 2018 London Fashion Week. I finally caught up on my sleep and am excited to share pictures and stories of my experience. Stay tuned for upcoming posts! In the meantime, I have a late winter Portland snow event series for today.

Since this winter had been milder than normal in Portland, I was thinking “will it not snow this winter entirely?” And then it snowed. I guess my call to the universe was heard. : )

Acne studio black sweater dress-7888
A visit to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden helped me recover from the intense London trip and enjoy the outdoor snowy scenery. As a full-time blogger, owner of two small businesses, and parent of two children, sometimes an hour-long break outside can be refreshing.
Acne studio black sweater dress-8164
Acne studio black sweater dress-8029
I love this black cashmere dress by Acne Studios. It is super comfy and has subtle little details like a different pattern on the chest (although that’s hard to see in these pictures).  The cashmere is mixed with white thread to make it more interesting than a plain black garment. The best part: two pockets on the side! I love dresses with tastefully designed pockets that show the designer kept practicality in mind. I added my newly acquired Gucci belt for a lifted chic rather than everyday mom look. I also love how my new bowtie bracelet (a Swedish brand named “INGNELL”) adds a subtle touch to the overall look.
I paired the dress with my one of my favorite boots, YSL boots. These boots were a bit pricey and I struggled to decide whether to keep or return them. But now I am glad I kept it. I enjoy the way it shapes your feet. Though I am not a big hat person, I do keep an eye out for cute ones. This beanie comes from a China boutique store “DF boutique” in Shanghai. I like the unique veil over beanie. If you have been following me for a while, you know I like presenting something different.  : )
Acne studio black sweater dress-8144
Acne studio black sweater dress-7828
Acne studio black sweater dress-8327

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