June 20, 2016

black leather jacket with floral pant-4875
black leather jacket with floral pant-4772.jpg
Any of you noticed those words in the banner of my website : Reuse, Revive, Reconstruct, Rearrange, Recycle?  I don’t think I  have ever explained why they were chosen or matters to my styling blog. 
Those are the words chosen to reflect my overall styling philosophy:

  • Reuse: Sometimes we need buy certain thing just to match with one particular outfit.  We forget about it after this outfit. Learn to build this habit of reusing things you obtained for one single purpose.
  • Revive: Don’t any of you have this experience : you remembered  an outfit from a movie or a book from way back. It sticked around in your head for a long time because you liked it so much. The idea of revive is to able to revoke something from the past. Present a past style you like by adding your personal touch to it.