May 23rd, 2017

I am super excited to share with you my first beauty product post!
I am going to show you what my “ride or die” makeup items are for 2017. What is “ride or die” you ask? If you could take to a desert island only ONE makeup item from each category (foundation, blush, mascara, lip products, etc.), which would you choose?
make up look-1-11
make up look-1-9
FOUNDATION:  Ever since I started this fashion blog, I have been paying extra attention on makeup products that are ideal for photos. You can imagine why : ) I have been happy with the Givenchy Photo’ Perfexion Fluid Foundation from Sephora. It is easy to apply, has light coverage with SFP 20, and your skin looks natural & luminous after application. More importantly, it works well with all lightings!
make up look-1-7144