FEB 14, 2017

italian-silk-maxi-dress-over-black-sweater-2297I don’t know about you, but I have been getting a bit bored with my typical winter look–A cute, comfy sweater over jeans or miniskirt with a coat, or a sweater dress with over-the-knee boots with coat. Those were my typical winter looks and I was dying for a change.
In preparation for meeting a friend downtown at Kimpton Vintage Hotel, I spotted this silk maxi dress.  Some may recall from my 10-year anniversary celebration party (as seen in the below picture).  With spring is approaching, adding a bit of “flowy-ness” to welcome spring seemed appropriate to get out of the winter funk!  Thus, an experiment with silk maxi dress over a black  sweater with grey wool capri pant.
img_5858My followers might recall that using the same piece of clothing to create multiple looks is one of my key styling principles — “rearrange” in the header of my website.  (more…)