Oct 26th, 2016

I can’t remember when I first met Phoenix through Tango. What a special name, right?!Well, Phoenix is a really cool person just as her name. She is the mom of 3 kids, a dancer, musician, skateboarder, and research at OHSU. Her typical outfit is loose fit pants and a comfortable black or neutral color top with sneakers. She usually put her hair in a bun. In my mind, she successfully hides her beauty!! 🙂
Since I see Phoenix in Tango from time to time, I have a pretty good understanding of her style even though people do dress a bit differently for tango. My immediate instinct of styling after my  1 hour session of checking her closet:  add more colors, patterns, or more fitted styles dresses or pencil skirt. Those options give her a pulled together look that will that complements her natural beauty . Luckily, Phoenix was very excited by my ideas!