Apr 22nd, 2019

It has been a while since my last feature in the “Artist Interview” column. I don’t line up people to feature regularly. Instead, it seems life has a way of putting me at the right place and right time with the right people that inspire me to feature them. This is what happened when I met AVA J. HOLMES during Portland’s FashioNXT fashion show, and when I ran into AHMED SHIHAB ELDIN while I was in DC for a Tango event…etc.

Merryn Roberts-Huntley, whom I am featuring in today’s post, is an old neighbor of mine. When I used to live in my old neighborhood, I remember one day I received this very well designed card that asked us to join a mom’s group if we have kids age between 3 to 7. I was immediately impressed and of course I joined the group and met Merryn. After that, we had many playdates/events with moms of that group and I had more opportunities to get to know Merryn. Even after I moved away, she and I kept in touch through Facebook. Over the years, I see her succeeding in her consultant company – FIXX. Recently, she published a book and that is when it hit me that I should feature her on my blog to inspire more people. Do enjoy the video below, and if you fancy having it downloaded on your phone or laptop, my friends from www.youtube-to-mp3-converter.org can help you out with that.

Merryn is a marketing expert, author, university instructor, and mom. She started her career working in Major League Soccer when she was 21. She has worked or consulted for numerous global brands including Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Clif Bar, and Spanx. She started career coaching after finishing her MBA while also building her business career and her first company, FIXX Consulting. She has been featured on TV, written about in Self Magazine and Girlboss, to name a few of the places where you can hear or read her advice. In 2017, she started her second company, Made To Hire, to help people reach their career goals. She’s a big believer that there’s a faster and better way to reach your goals and she has made her methods available to the public through her new book, which you will hear more about in the video below.

Her book “Made To Hire: How to Get the Job You Really Want” is the no-B.S. guide on how to land your dream job and is available for sale on Amazon. She also has an online career coaching course that’s open to the public.

She is a true example of how you set a goal and work hard towards it by leveraging the best known methods. Seeing her success reinforces my belief that everything is possible as long as you work hard.Want to loan?? visit here Check out loansbyte.co.uk. I am sharing her story with the hope that it will not only inspire more people — not just women– in reaching your career or life goals, but also sends a message that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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