Apr 5th, 2017

Spring in Portland presents a challenge to dress correctly with ever changing weather, even on the same day.   Yet, I am so HAPPY the long cold winter is finally over!  Spring is calling for colors and this electric blue down jacket became my first choice for the day.  The light blue coat wasn’t planned in preparation for today’s look; but, the suddenly chilly windy day pushed its way in.
All three of today’s ensemble were purchased separately yet created a pleasing look upon putting them together.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?  The Sandro sleeveless down jacket could be bulky with the straight cut design.  I like the color and the details so much that I didn’t mind.   Apple and pear shape may be a tough body type for this jacket.  For you, if the bulk bothers you, you can add a thin belt.
I paired the jacket with a white tight t-shirt to avoid adding bulkiness.  For pants, the whiskering and fading of the AG ex-boyfriend slim jean added dynamic dimension. If you pair skinny jeans with this jacket, the contrast from bulky to tight fitted bottom could be unbalanced.

Once again, local jewelry designer–Wenjing Yang designed and made these earrings for this particular outfit. Thank you for partnering with me!
For more of an introduction about her, please refer to my previous post — KNIT DRESS.  The good news for all of my fans is if you shop at Wenjing Yang’s etsy store , use code “STYLERIGHT15” and you will get 15% off.  Her stunning work is quite affordable!!
Now tell me,  what excites you to wear this Spring?

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Sandro Adela down jacket , Splendid white t-shirt, AG Ex-boyfriend slim jean, Joy & Peace boots {similar here}, Fendi ORCHIDEA Cat eye sunglasses, Philip Lim mini soleil shoulder bag {Last seen here}
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6 comments on “WEDNESDAY BLUE”

  1. It is brave to try puffer like this, but I think you made it work. Especially laying the lighter blue coat over it, I think it creates more dimension!

  2. Love how versatile this outfit is. You can wear it to work in the morning and feel warm and comfortable. When it comes to a business meeting, simply taking off the puffer gives a formal and chic look, or you can replace the coat with puffer and wear a pair of sneakers to create a casual look for a walk outside during lunch break. After work, putting on the bag and ankle boots, you will be all set for shopping around or dinner!!

    • Well, you really thought this through!! You are so right about variations you could use with this look for different occasions. I often time associate my outfit with where I am going and what I am doing, you certainly get that done very well! So happy i have fan as you!! Thanks bunch for sharing your thoughts!!

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