Dec 13th, 2018

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year because it helps feed my shopaholic soul, show the people I love my appreciation, and is the season of giving back! Today is your lucky day because I compiled a personalized Go-To Gifting Guide for him and her! I spent my whole day listening to Christmas music, drinking hot coco, enjoying the sound of the rain hitting my office window, and browsing the web for hours to find the perfect gifts in all price ranges for you all. I hope you find my this post as helpful as it had been for me and happy holidays!

$0 – $50

For Her:

The Chloe perfume is refreshing, smooth, comfortable and totally addictive. A sublime powdery rose. I love how portable it is so you can carry it with you throughout the day or use it for travel. Keep it in mind, size of a gift is not what gets people!

The Mac lip set is a really high-value package. Some of those colors are only available in this value package. I bought the Nude lip set and I LOVED the lip gloss. It adds right amount of shininess to your lip without being overly greasy. The best part, the color makes you look young and energized. I think any female will be happy getting a lip set like these as holiday gift!

For Him:

$50 – $150

For Her:

You know when you do full-on makeup and in the end you feel like something is missing? Even with the blush you use, nothing ever feels natural enough and complete? Well, I found the best blush and though it is pricy, it is well worth it. As soon as I tested the Tom Ford Blush in the color flush(03) in the below photo, I instantly new I have found “the one”. It gives me a very natural blushed look with a seamless finish. I also applied and featured it in a new video I made which will be released soon. So, if you are not convinced just yet, I think my video will do the job 😉

I also suggested three MVMT products here. Couple months ago, I collaborated with this brand, which was how I first knew about MVMT. I loved the both products they sent me and I purchased three more bracelets afterwards and I LOVE them all. It immediately adds edginess and put-together feel to MVMT watches when you pair them together. I am suggesting them to you now and I think you will love them too! Anyway, here is a discount code for you if you do end up purchasing the MVMT items:  ”stylerightblog15” for $15 off your purchase.

For Him:

$150 or ABOVE

For Her:

The second to last time I visited Italy about 5 years ago, I was looking to buy some Jewelry. As I was walking down the street, I came across my first Jewelry store, but instead of noticing the diamonds, I noticed a smell which drew me closer and closer to the clerk inside. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but all I knew was that I wanted that smell packed in a pretty bottle and ready for me to wear anytime and anywhere I want! I immediately asked the clerk what that smell was and she proudly told me it was her Royal Sanfanad Fragrance by Parfums De Marly. As soon as I had the chance, I purchased it. Ever since, it has been my go-to perfume for any occasion. I truly feel like royalty, elegant, and sophisticated whenever it is on me.

For Him:

One thing that everyone knows about me is that I LOVE to listen to music whenever I am working. If it was doing taxes, my makeup, the dishes, or cooking, I am always blasting music all around the house. I have to say that I have never come across a speaker that packs in so much good sound in such a small size until I came across the BoseR Speaker! The base is beautiful and the sound is crystal clear as it resonated throughout my house. It is not only portable but is water resistant, which is perfect when I shower and want the music right next to me. If you are looking to buy your friend a speaker, the BoseR is the answer to your holiday shopping nightmare!

As time passes by, our world is becoming faster, more demanding, and it seems like our days are becoming shorter and shorter. Since I can’t buy extra time,  online shopping has become my best friend and I am hoping that by now, this post has become yours! The holiday season can be scary and dreadful – the long lines, the traffic, the costs. I hope that my “Him and Her Go-To Gift Guide” this year has saved you some headache and precious time, so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. This year I will be dedicating my holiday thanks to you all, I am so grateful for each and everyone of you as you have been a part of a dream I have had ever since I was a little girl.

Sweater: ZARA Cable Knit Sweater
Skirt: ZARA Plaid Tube Skirt
Shoe: Sol Sana Over-Knee-Boots



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